You offer services in several practice areas. Are you dedicated and knowledgeable enough in each area?

The answer is a resounding YES! I am a sole practitioner. I choose to operate my own practice because I have control over the types of retainers I accept. I enjoy variety but I am also careful not to engage in any retainers in which I have little or no interest. My practice areas provide me with the variety and balance I enjoy. I work as hard on a criminal case as I do on a family case and, similarly, I make diligent efforts to draft proper court documents, wills, powers of attorney and so on. I will provide a vigorous defence and pursue child support just as passionately. I take great pleasure in taking on tough problems and finding innovative solutions in the best interests of my clients, whether that means negotiating with counsel or advocating in court.

What is your fee schedule? [top]

Please call us to discuss our fee schedule:  TEL 905-595-6818

What are some of your accomplishments as a lawyer? [top]

I consider my greatest accomplishments those things that I was able to achieve that few thought were possible. Getting a serious charge withdrawn because of a careless investigation or lack of evidence, convincing a judge to award several years of child support arrears, and winning a trial where the witnesses had motive to fabricate evidence are just a few examples of what I have been able to accomplish.

I will not back down from a tough case. I will not yield to an opposing lawyer. I will do all that I can to work efficiently and serve my clients’ best interests. I will take time to carefully review and study the facts of a case to try to see every angle and every potential solution. I try to separate fact from fiction and reason from emotion. I am here to serve my clients. If I can repeatedly serve clients to their satisfaction, then I consider that an accomplishment.

Do you prefer a particular court jurisdiction? [top]

I enjoy a great variety of cases. It makes things more interesting. I don’t have a preference for appearing in one court location over another. Brampton is the location of my law office. However, I travel all over Ontario for criminal cases, as long as my client is prepared to pay for the costs of the travel.

Is your office wheelchair accessible? [top]

My office is on the ground floor of the plaza and is wheelchair accessible. The designated parking spots are located directly in front of my office.